Thanksgiving Holiday should be peaceful without a drop of blood

Indonesia, South Sulawesi

Amen, it was!

We spent this day by observing the beauty of the mountain landscape, traditional Torajan architecture, its history and artistry of weavers and builders. As we moved throughout the north of Toraja land we discovered the traditional architecture is not a museum. It is a living feature of the life here as we were passing village after village with traditional Torajan housing prevailing style of housing with new houses under construction in most of locations we visited. You cannot help but admire the construction technique, the workmanship, methods of measurement and surveying as I discuss them with young master builder. However critical I may have been to absolute lack of empathy and compassion with suffering of butchered animals, you cannot see their ability to keep their culture, custom and lifestyle successfully intact and free of undue external influence. Damn the government in Jakarta, damn the rest of Indonesia, damn Sulawesi! What really matters is my clan!!!!!

In the shade of some of the village granaries we found weavers adjacent frequently to the shops offering the fabrics and even interesting antiques so observing their craft was immediately followed by the frontal attack by business people in charge of selling no matter what and for how much. God bless them!