Thanksgiving Holiday should be peaceful without a drop of blood. Part 2

Indonesia, South Sulawesi

In some villages we could see another piece of history of Torajan people’s love affair with death, burials and other stuff I consider related to formaldehyde business such as beautiful megaliths making Toraja land almost in the same league with Stonehenge mystic. In many other places we could have seen Torajan tribe’s creativity as they were running out of natural cave supply used in more ancient history of this nation. So they created the man made caves by carving them into the boulders of various sizes as they were thrown downhill by many volcanoes of Central Sulawesi making this area not only an ideal cemetery but natural fertile land providing for happy life of those still living

But most of the day we simply enjoyed sharing with people in the countryside their everyday activities such as carving and painting panels for their new family granary as well as bathing their family buffalo. By the end of the day we just could not help and kept asking our driver and the guide to stop at the edge of the narrow winding mountain road and enjoyed the views of Torajan lovely mountain countryside.