In the sand dunes of Sahara

Sahara Zobrazit na mapě

Dear, a picture is worth of one thousands words. Many things happened on this hot day between the Todra Gorge and the Berber Camp in the sand dunes where we are spending one night in the tent and without running water in a company of a few Dutch families with small children (!). If I ever told you that one of my dreams was joining a caravan from Zagora to Timbouctu for 52 days then let me make one official correction. After 92 minutes of camel riding I changed my mind and if I want to get that feat across Sahara it will be with 4WD and full blasting A/C. One shadow selfie of us and mom during the drinking break for the sunset. Instead of another sunset here are the first morning sun rays touching the dune tops above the camps. Good morning!